Hunting & Conservation

CRPA supports hunting as the lawful use of a firearm. In fact it is in our mission statement:

  1. Protect, defend and promote the right, ability, and opportunity for all citizens to safely, responsibly and ethically hunt, fish, and take wildlife resources in the broadest sense;
  2. Support and promote responsible management and conservation of natural and wildlife resources and habitat through sustainable hunting and take practices for current and future generations in accordance with the North American Model of Species Management

In following the most scientifically accepted models for maintaining wildlife habitat, we encourage the responsible management of species which is essential to sustaining healthy populations of animals for generations to come.

Our training department provides California Hunter’s Education courses so even the newest person just getting into hunting can receive proper training and mentorship.

Please check out our online resources or stop into our Pro-Shop at the Training Center in Fullerton, CA to see all of the latest gear for the field and to purchase your hunting or fishing license today.

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