CRPA’s Pro-Hunting Efforts

California’s 250,000 hunters know where to go to defend their sport: the CRPA. Working in cooperation with the State of California beginning back in the late 1800’s we have been able to support the needs of hunters.

We offer an ever-expanding array of programs from our monthly Hunter Education Classes for those starting out to our most advanced continuing education in outdoor skills. We also provide several hunting experiences that are designed to advance your knowledge, comradery and provide lifelong memories.

Youth are a primary focus of our hunter program. We offer several youth camps throughout the summer and fall designed to provide a complete training and hunting experience. In each camp the youth get their Hunter Education Training (California Department of Fish & Wildlife approved), basic shotgun training, learning to work with sporting dogs in the field, basic first aid in the wilderness, hunting upland game, processing your game and cooking your game. The end result is a new hunter with one successful hunt under them.

Women enjoy our Women in the Field programs. These one-day seminars feature basic introduction to archery, pistol, rifle and shotgun in the field. There are seminars on safety, firearms cleaning & storage, introduction to shooting sports, introduction to hunting and much more. Oh and there is always a good meal and great times with your fellow participants.

The advanced hunter education includes courses such as land navigation and basic outdoor skills for those who are new to the outdoors. Seasoned hunters will enjoy our game specific seminars, tracking classes and wilderness medicine courses.

Many hunters and non-hunters alike enjoy our Game Cooking course where you learn new techniques for preparing waterfowl, upland game, small game and big game. Meals are taught live in the class and feature basic meals to gourmet meals complete with wine pairings.

For more information call us or email us at contact@crpa.org