Jennifer – Colusa County Chapter Secretary

Jennifer Diaz was born in Ohio and lived in Wisconsin and Illinois before moving to California. She has a background in Criminal Justice and worked in Social Services for many years in Stanislaus County. While there, she worked in a level 14 care facility for children between the ages of 10-17 that had emotional behavioral problems and juvenile delinquencies. In 2006, Jennifer moved to Colusa County to raise her daughter in the beautiful mountain country of Stonyford.

Jennifer was eager to learn the lifestyle of Colusa County. She began to volunteer in different organizations to meet community members. Her family has always believed in helping neighbors, supporting their peace officers, and creating quality friendships. Jennifer remains involved in the Colusa Rotary club as the 2022-2023 President, coordinates the seasonal Colusa Certified Farmers Market and the Farm to Fork dinner, and is the Secretary for the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce.

In September 2021, Jennifer attended her first CRPA Colusa County Gun Owners meeting. The meeting agenda that evening included an open Secretary position. Naturally, Jennifer raised her hand and volunteered for the position and is still the CRPA Colusa County Gun Owners Secretary today. Since then, Jennifer has been trained in all three shooting disciplines, Range Safety Officer, and Chief Range Safety Officer, through CRPA Training Department. Jennifer is also a shotgun coach for the Colusa Ducks, a local youth sporting team.


Q: What was your very first firearm experience /exposure?

A: I have always been raised around guns. We were taught to ALWAYS treat a gun as if it’s loaded and if you need to use one ALWAYS know your target and what’s beyond.  Safety has been engrained into my brain and I want to use my knowledge to “pay it forward”.

Q: What is it about the 2A issue, specifically, that motivates you to volunteer?

A: I am quoting CRPA:

“The focus of the Colusa County Gun Owners CRPA Chapter is to promote the single issue of the Second Amendment and the culture and rights that it is meant to protect.  To create groups of dedicated individuals, business owners, ranges, trainers, clubs, and like-minded individuals with shared values in promoting firearm safety and protecting their 2A rights.  We seek to bring a positive message about gun owners and the Second Amendment to our community.”

Q: Does anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement or in providing inspiration?

A: Lew Manor was and still is a motivating mentor of mine. Unfortunately, we lost him in December 2021. On every endeavor I take on my gun journey, I think of him and know that he is looking down supporting me.

Q: How would someone describe you?

A: A leader of the community.

Q: Do you have a message to share?

A: “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined”, George Washington.