Dave – LA South Bay Chapter Chair

Dave has always been a fan of the 2nd Amendment. As a kid, he grew up with BB guns and slingshots. Dave remembers shooting his Daisy BB gun at ceramic greenware. His mother had a ceramics studio in their garage, and she poured her own greenware (wet slurry in molds before they were kiln hardened). She would give him the imperfect ones to take down the street and use for target practice. Dave recalls shooting at the disintegrating bunnies, squirrels, and teacups till the sunset. The remains of which were washed away in the next Florida thunderstorm.

Today, Dave is an avid collector of firearms and refers to himself as kind of a history geek. Dave views U.S. history in a broader context and sees our natural right to self-defense as a core human right. He was recently appointed to the CRPA Historical Arms & Exhibition Committee and is looking forward to sharing his love for the beauty and preservation of our firearms history in 2022.

Dave is a certified rifle and pistol instructor, and range safety officer (RSO) and has been a Lifetime member of CRPA since 2001.  Dave started volunteering with the CRPA in the summer of 2021 and has spent many days recruiting for the CRPA at gun shows, gun stores, and shooting range events, as well as working with chapters, and providing photography at local events. He has enjoyed meeting folks at hometown parades and being a volunteer ambassador visiting CRPA business affiliates. Dave has found great satisfaction working with the 2A community and has made many new friends. Thank you, Dave, for being fierce about freedom.


What attracted you to this organization in particular?

The NRA is an awesome national organization, but I found the CRPA to be hometown and local. I liked the idea of working with my neighbors and promoting safe firearm handling and shooting sports.

In your opinion, what is the most important work that this organization does?

I’ve come to believe that the most important thing the CRPA can do is to build and support the community. Chapters are a great way for neighbors to get together and share experiences. They are the cornerstone of this organization and the best way to build that community.

What is it about the 2A issue, specifically, that motivates you to volunteer?

People often don’t understand that our Bill of Rights does not grant us any rights we weren’t born with. All it does is protect us from the government abusing us and infringing upon our natural rights. The American people are too easily lulled into believing what they see on TV. Karl Marx may have said “religion is the opium of the people”, but today I would say “media is the opium of the people”. I need to help people to wake up and question everything! This is one of the things that keeps me focused.

   Where else do you volunteer?

I’ve done a lot of volunteer work for the YMCA as well. Their Adventure Guide program is a great dads and daughters/sons club. I have two beautiful daughters (Jacquelyn & Larissa) and the adventures we’ve been on will last a lifetime.

I’ve also worked with the C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) & R.A.C.E.S. (Radio Armature Communications Emergency Services) in my town. Both organizations help my community prepare for disasters and emergencies.

How do you believe others can get involved?

The best thing for a 2A lover can do is to join their local CRPA chapter. Get together with your neighbors. Organize and stay informed. Volunteer with your friends and let us show you how easy it is to make a difference.