Civil Rights Litigation

CRPA Foundation’s work in fighting for constitutional rights of gun owners is essential to its core purpose of education. When laws infringe upon the rights of gun owners to exercise their freedoms, the very mission of the CRPA Foundation is threatened. The CRPA Foundation supports litigation that defends and expands legal recognition of the rights protected by the Second Amendment and, supports litigation that seeks to strike down unconstitutional laws that conflict with our charitable purposes. The CRPAF is a named plaintiff in many California gun owners’ cases, supports other named plaintiffs, and supports many CRPA cases in the California courts and plans for many more. The CRPA legal team has decades of experience and works diligently to stop California from enacting numerous unconstitutional laws. The CRPA Foundation is also known to support cases across the country through its amicus brief support program to further support the Second Amendment. Click here to read more. Want to help in the fight to protect your civil rights and the civil rights of others? Consider being a named plaintiff in one of our current or upcoming lawsuits. We always need a pool of possible plaintiffs. Please click here to request a form. Our legal team will review your confidential application and reach out to you with more information. Please note: completing a form is not a guarantee for being chosen as a plaintiff in one of our legal actions.


CRPAF is Building the War Chest! We have a unique opportunity to support cases from across the country that bring awareness and support to the protection of your Second Amendment rights in the furtherance of our overall purpose. You can help in several ways: Sign Up to Be a Plaintiff– If gun laws are affecting your rights, we want to know about it! CLICK HERE Stay Informed: Visit the Litigation Program Page for updates and Read Case Alerts that are emailed. DONATE to help push cases forward. We are winning at all levels, but it takes resources and time to get a final ruling. Small donation or large donation–Both make a difference! Supporting Litigation and getting strong rulings from courts across the country is one of the biggest things you can do to support the next generation of gun owners, hunters, and competitive shooters!


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