The focus of the Solano County Gun Owners CRPA Chapter is to promote the single issue of the Second Amendment and the culture and rights that it is meant to protect. To create groups of dedicated individuals, business owners, ranges, trainers, clubs, and like-minded individuals with shared values in promoting firearm safety and protecting their 2A rights.


“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Solano Chapter: There is Something We Can Do.

Act now!

Join A Committee

Legislative Committee This Committee helps to support the CRPA’s Legislative Liaison in his efforts in Sacramento to fight back against harmful legislative efforts. Our Committee can help in these efforts by getting to know our local elected officials and visiting the local offices of our representatives in Sacramento to let them know how we feel about certain issues. Our physical presence at a district office as voters is equally, if not more important, as testimony provided in Sacramento. We give a face to the Second Amendment in our communities. The Committee also keeps up with the most current information available regarding legislation. The Committee gives a report at each meeting once per month and reports directly to the Chapter Chairman. Committee members must be Solano County residents and at least 18 years of age.

Host An Information Session

Ever hear of a Town Hall Meeting? Well, an Information Session is something like a Town Hall Meeting. Our Chapter seeks to educate and inform those that do not know who we are or what we stand for by inviting them to the Q & A session. These meetings are open to anyone who is a new gun owner, or who has heard of CRPA but wants to learn more about what we do to protect their rights. This includes those that may not agree with our mission or are just curious to learn more.
These meetings are peaceful and informative and a way that we can give back in our community.


Our members come from all over Solano County and the surrounding areas. We share a common good which is protecting our Constitutional 2nd Amendment Rights. We are a volunteer group who educate and inform non-gun owners, new gun owners, those that have years of experience. We believe that we can all keep learning and growing in our knowledge. The more outreach and advocacy we create, the more individuals we educate and the more people appreciate and understand the Second Amendment. (Photos and Bios Coming Soon)  
We would love to have you join our efforts in the community. Email chapters@crpa.org for more information.