Women’s Interests

CRPA is dedicated to providing training and educational resources to female gun enthusiasts. Whether you are brand new to firearms or have been shooting for years, CRPA has opportunities for you to share in your passion with like-minded women.

With the number of women gun owners on the rise, CRPA is dedicated to providing programs, training, and resources to the women of California! Through our women’s programs, women have the opportunity and resources available to them to receive firearms training by certified instructors, become involved in clubs and competitions, receive awards and scholarships, and also meet other women with the same interests! Whether you are a brand new shooter or have been shooting for years, we would love for you to get connected and advance your skills!

  • Women’s Self-Defense Awareness Training
    • Part I
    • Part II
    • Part III
  • Women’s Non-Lethal Tools Training
  • NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Training
  • Mental Preparedness For Any Situation That May Arise Training
    • Natural Disasters
    • Weather
    • Fire
    • Apocalyptic
    • Terrorist Attacks
    • Home Intruder
  • Women’s Crime Prevention Training
  • Urban Survivor For Women
  • Women In The Outdoors Program
    • Women’s Wilderness Survival Training
    • Women’s Intro To Backcountry Skills Training
    • Women’s Camp-out
  • NRA Basics Of Pistol Shooting Training
  • Ladies Introduction To Pistol Shooting Training
  • Wild Game Meat Cooking Class
  • Women’s Hunter Education Class
  • Women’s Photography Class
  • Women’s Backpacking Basics
  • Church Safety Seminar
  • Women’s Personal Protection Inside The Home Training
  • Women’s Personal Protection Outside The Home Training
  • Weapon Disarming Training
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • Gals With Guns Event
  • Women’s Multi-Generation Shoot Event
  • Women In The Outdoors Event
  • Celebrating Women In The Shooting Sports Annual BBQ Event
  • Women’s Game Hunt
  • Pre-CCW Program
  • NRA Women On Target Program

Women’s Shooting Programs/Groups

Shooting offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for women from all walks of life. If you’re a California woman interested in crime prevention, hunting, or shooting CRPA has something for you. If you are interested in becoming a political activist, certified firearm instructor, learning more about your shooting heritage, or meeting other women shooters CRPA provides the path.

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