Marksmanship and Range Protection

Recreational and competitive target shooting programs, like matches, engage new shooters in learning valuable marksmanship skills, foster community growth, and aid to protect shooting ranges provide.  These programs serve as forums that engage the public in firearm safety, gun law politics, and safe, responsible participation in the shooting sports. To participate in the shooting sports, people must have access responsibly and safely to training opportunities and shooting ranges. Unfortunately, too many ranges in California are being forced to close due to issues that could have otherwise been avoided. Accordingly, range owners and operators must be aware of the many threats and remain knowledgeable about resources and assistance programs available to proactively address predictable challenges. The CRPA Foundation supports CRPA’s Range Shield Program which serves in helping ranges operate successfully in compliance with California law through its team of lawyers, experts, range designers, noise consultants, and environmental consultants standing by to help local ranges. The CRPA Range Shield team is available to consult with your Board of Directors to discuss any issue. Schedule a free shooting range assessment and be sure that your range is compliant with federal, state, and local laws. Click here for more information.