Join the CRPA Range Coalition

Do you own a range or do you sit on a range board of directors? This is the place for you!

CRPA has been defending ranges for over 147 years in California. We have training to get your Range Safety Officers up to speed, we have signage to help your range with safety issues, and we have experts that will visit your range for a free evaluation on environmental, corporate governance, and proper management of your range.

You do not have to figure this out by yourself. Running a range is a big deal and there are many rules and regulations that make it difficult for operators and boards to stay up on. We are here to help give you the guidance you need.

To sign up for more information on updates, meetings, and trainings or to let us know that you would like an on-site visit or training for your specific range contact rtravis@crpa.org or msaglietto@crpa.org

Together we can preserve and protect California ranges!


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