September 23, 2021 9:00 am
September 23, 2021 11:00 am


32nd District Agricultural Association, OCFEC Board of Directors will be holding a regular board meeting.

As permitted by Executive Order N-25-20 (issued by Governor Newsom on March 12, 2020), the OCFEC will conduct this meeting by video/teleconference via Zoom. Please use the following Zoom link or Zoom dial in information to view and/or participate in the meeting:


Join Zoom Meeting


Dial in option: 1-669-900-9128

Meeting ID: 853 2288 3030

Passcode: 718914


All meeting notices, agendas and materials considered by the Board during the meeting will be available online, in advance of the meeting at:



Help support CRPA, the Orange County Gun Shows, and the Orange County Fair Board by signing up for public comment! Lets help remind everyone at the meeting why Gun Shows should not be banned and why they remain a staple in the 2nd Amendment Community.

  • No crimes in Orange County or surrounding areas have ever been connected to the OC Gun Show
  • Criminals would have the same deterrents at a gun show that they would have at any firearms retail store, which is why they do not attend them
  • NO ONE can simply walk out of a gun show with a firearm, all purchases are subject to the same background check and 10 wait period as every other firearm transaction in the state, to imply there is any loophole in this process is simply a false statement
  • Gun Shows remain as the primary source of education within the firearms community
  • Banning gun shows and taking away such a large source of education, where firearm safety is unquestionably the primary focus, makes a community less safe
  • Over the past several years, CRPA has made 24 separate information requests seeking evidence of wrongdoing at CA gun shows asking our state senators and assemblymen to provide evidence, with 0 responses
  • Senator Min has dishonestly supported the need for this bill by citing instances that happened out of the state of California, where the laws are different.
  • The Orange County Fair Board along with Crossroads of the West continue to have an impeccable record of following state laws and regulations without incident
  • Contracting the Gun Show is part of (and should continue to be) a diverse lineup of events hosted at the fairgrounds allowing people of every community to enjoy this property
  • Senate Bill 264 is a failed bill that could not muster even the traditional democrat support in Sacramento, we should not have to suffer locally because Senator Min’s bill failed at the state level
  • I support you in sending a letter to the Governor asking him to veto SB 264
  • I support the contracting of future gun shows at the OC Fairgrounds