Shooting Disciplines

Shooting sports are comprised of many different types of disciplines. You should try several out and see which one suits your skills the best. CRPA currently sanctions the following disciplines for our state championship matches:

PISTOL– Outdoor Free Pistol, 2700 Outdoor Conventional pistol, 900 Indoor Conventional Pistol, 1800 Indoor Conventional Pistol, IDPA Action Pistol, USPSA Action Pistol, Indoor Free Pistol, Outdoor Standard Pistol, Outdoor Standard Center Fire Pistol. Click Here for a video on gear suggestions from professional shooter.

HIGH POWER– Long Range Rifle, Long Range Rifle F Class, Service Rifle, High Power Rifle, Palma Rifle, Palma Rifle F Class, Fullbore Rifle, Fullbore Rifle F Class, 100 Yard High Power Rifle, Service Rifle National Match. Click Here for a video on what new high power shooters should know.

SMALLBORE-3-Position Outdoor Smallbore Rifle, Conventional Prone Smallbore Rifle, Metric Prone Smallbore Rifle, 4-Position Smallbore Rifle, Brenchrest Smallbore Rifle, F Class Smallbore Rifle, International/English Prone Smallbore Rifle. Click Here for information on smallbore shooting.

MULTI-GUN– Multi-gun Modern Rifle and Shotgun, Multi-gun Modern Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun. Click Here to learn what gear you need for multi-gun competition.

SILHOUETTE– High Power Standard Rifle Silhouette, High Power Hunter Rifle Silhouette, Sporter Air Rifle Silhouette, Match Air Rifle Silhouette, Open Air Rifle Silhouette, Smallbore Standard Rifle Silhouette, Smallbore Hunter Rifle Silhouette, Muzzleloader Rifle Silhouette, Blackpowder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette Scoped, Blackpowder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette Iron Sights, Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Silhouette, Smallbore Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette, Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Silhouette, Three Gun Aggregate Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette. Click here to learn about basic silhouette shooting.

AIRGUN-International Air Rifle, International Air Pistol, 3-Position Precision Air Rifle, 3-Position Sporter Air Rifle, 3– Position Precision Air Rifle Junior Olympics, 3- Position Precision Air Rifle Junior Olympic Team, 3-Position Sporter Air Rifle Junior Olympics, 3- Position Sporter Air Rifle Junior Olympics Team.