CRPA Sanctioned Shooting Events

CRPA currently sanctions the following shooting disciplines for its state championship matches:


  • Outdoor Free Pistol
  • 2700 Outdoor Conventional Pistol
  • 900 Indoor Conventional Pistol
  • 1800 Indoor Conventional Pistol
  • IDPA Action Pistol
  • USPSA Action Pistol
  • Indoor Free Pistol
  • Outdoor Standard Pistol
  • Outdoor Standard Centerfire Pistol

High Power

  • Long Range Rifle
  • Long Range Rifle F Class
  • Service Rifle
  • High Power Rifle
  • Palma Rifle
  • Palma Rifle F Class
  • Fullbore Rifle
  • Fullbore Rifle F Class
  • 100 Yard High Power Rifle
  • Service Rifle National Match


  • 3-Position Outdoor Smallbore Rifle
  • Conventional Prone Smallbore Rifle
  • Metric Prone Smallbore Rifle
  • 4-Position Smallbore Rifle
  • Benchrest Smallbore Rifle
  • F Class Smallbore Rifle
  • International/English Prone Smallbore Rifle


  • High Power Standard Rifle Silhouette
  • High Power Hunter Rifle Silhouette
  • Sporter Air Rifle Silhouette
  • Match Air Rifle Silhouette
  • Open Air Rifle Silhouette
  • Smallbore Standard Rifle Silhouette
  • Smallbore Hunter Rifle Silhouette
  • Muzzleloader Rifle Silhouette
  • Blackpowder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette – Scoped
  • Blackpowder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette – Iron Sights
  • Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Silhouette
  • Smallbore Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Silhouette
  • Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Silhouette
  • Three Gun Aggregate Cowboy Lever Action Silhouette


  • International Air Rifle
  • International Air Pistol
  • 3-Position Precision Air Rile
  • 3-Position Sporter Air Rifle


  • Multi-Gun: Modern Rifle and Shotgun
  • Multi-Gun: Modern Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun

For more information please download the official CRPA Match Administration Procedures (MAP) handbook below, or contact bkerz@crpa.org directly.

Match Administration Procedures (MAP)