The CRPA has come a long way in its publication content and style over our 146 year history. Our Publications Program staff work hard to bring the latest and most informative articles on Second Amendment, Hunting and generally being a gun owner in California. We combine a stable of regular authors who are experts in their field and who have a passion for the mission of CRPA.

The Firing Line Magazine is an award winning publication. Producing six issues per year our team works hard to ensure that gun owners have the most updated information on legislation, programs, litigation, events, and volunteer opportunities.

Our amazing writers include:

C.D. “Chuck” Michel, President and General Counsel of CRPA and Chief Editor of The Firing Line magazine

Rick Travis, Development Director and regular contributor and feature columnist. Responsible for political and outdoors reporting.

Roy Griffith, Legislative Director and regular contributor and feature columnist. Responsible for legislative reporting

Tiffany D. Cheuvront, corporate counsel and regular feature writer. Responsible for local advocacy reporting

Alex Frank, attorney and responsible for litigation reporting

Matt Cubiero, attorney, regular feature writer, and responsible for regulatory reporting

Dan Gifford, regular contributor of feature articles

Guy Smith, regular contributor of feature articles


CRPA TV started years ago with a simple video of board members talking and has evolved into a fully fledged television production. With new episodes each week that appear on our CRPA News You Tube Channel, Facebook, and other emerging platforms. Our followers love the humorous banter as we attempt to make sense of California’s crazy Second Amendment scene. There is never a dull moment and never a lack of things to talk about.  Make sure to Like our Videos and Subscribe

Our CRPA TV Team Members Include

Rick Travis, Development Director and Co-Host

Kevin Small, Grassroots Manager and Co-Host

Jerry Clark, Training Coordinator and 2A Education

Jacob Ramirez, Videographer, Photographer, Editor

Maria Saglietto, Talent Coordination and Scheduling

Tiffany Cheuvront, Producer, and Content Editor