Overview Of CRPA Shooting Programs

CRPA’s Shooting Programs offer a variety of activities in shooting for all skill levels. Whether you are a new shooter or a world-class competitor, CRPA supports your skills by providing training, sponsoring numerous shooting matches and competitions throughout the year, and opportunities to learn and advance your skills. Competitive shooting has been described as the one sport where the objective is to remain as still as possible. It’s also said that shooting is mostly a mental game, which is why this sport has become so popular. The increase in the amount of new shooters that have came into the competitive shooting sports has been impressive growth over the last few years. CRPA works with many clubs and ranges to develop shooting programs and put on shooting matches and competitions in order to develop a stronger community within the second amendment. This is one of the few sports where women and juniors compete with men on a truly equal basis. CRPA has also developed an entire Training Program at our headquarters in Fullerton, CA in our Training Center. We offer classes that are designed to prepare students to possess the tools, skills, and knowledge to defend themselves and their families, to use as a tool for recreational shooting, competitive shooting, hunting, etc. While the amount of youth shooting programs is increasing, CRPA is dedicated to obtaining more of the future generation to get out pulling triggers and involved in the second amendment community. CRPA supports youth activities such as the JR. Olympics Training Camps and Junior State Championship. CRPA also assists groups such as BSA, CYSSA, National 4-H, FFA, and GSA to get young men and women trained in safe marksmanship and leadership, as they are the future to our legacy!

Some of the other shooting programs we offer include:

Please also check out our events & training calendar to see the numerous opportunities of getting involved in shooting programs and training!

Events: https://crpa.org/events/
Training: https://crpa.org/events/training-and-education/

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