Retailer Protection Programs

For decades, CRPA and NRA have worked together to help gun shows, firearm retailers, ranges and others in the industry to fight back against municipal over-regulation, zoning abuse, unlawful taxation, and other anti-gun-owner strategies pushed by the gun ban lobby to make operating a gun store difficult or impossible.

It’s all part of the gun-ban lobby’s plan to eradicate the gun ”culture” by red taping the right to acquire a firearm so drastically that many folks will not go to the trouble to buy a gun.

Through the Retailer Shield program, CRPA fights for the interests of firearm retailers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, trainers, and others in the industry both in Sacramento and locally.

As a part of the Retailer Shield program, CRPA gets retailers in touch with the qualified lawyers and experts who can protect stores from discrimination and hoplophobia. At a minimum, the initial consultation of free. Depending on the circumstances and the significance and “precedent” of the issues confronting a range, addition financial assistance may be available.


January 1, 1970


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August 05, 2018

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