CRPA Safety Classes & Education

Today in our world, it is very important to feel and be competent in your ability to protect yourself and survive by those you love.  More so, it is important to know what to do when a state of emergency presents itself rather than being stuck in panic mode, unable to help yourself or anyone else.

Ask yourself these questions:

-If you had to survive for one week without running water, electricity or a safe place for shelter, what would you do?

-Are you prepared to grab your bags and go? Is your car ready to not only be your vehicle but your means for survival – ready with the tools you need to survive?

-Does your family have one cohesive plan for what to do when disaster strikes? Even if disaster strikes while the kids are at school and the adults are at work?

-Do your kids know how to safely operate a firearm to protect themselves or their home when targeted by a dangerous intruder? Do you?  What about everyday household items that can literally be used to save your life – are you mentally prepared to pick up a kitchen utensil or desk item when blindsided by a threat?

-What about this: Do your friends and family know the laws set in place to protect them and their right to keep and bear arms and do they know how to avoid being criminals by those laws set in place that take away their ability to protect themselves?

Many of us never think about ways to prepare ourselves BEFORE disaster strikes or BEFORE encountering a real threat.  CRPA is very aware of the importance of preparing – both mentally and physically – so as to not be caught off guard, unaware or vulnerable.

CRPA provides educational safety classes that can better help you analyze the best ways to be prepared and offers resources to more training opportunities in your area.