Stinchfield | 05/17/2018

Honor Fallen Heroes During Police Week

A brave school resource officer saves countless lives by stopping a school shooter in Dixon, Illinois. Where is the mainstream media coverage? Indiana State Police Sergeant John Perrine joins Grant as we continue to highlight our brave men and women in blue during National Police Week. California’s state elections are tricky to understand, Californian and Second Amendment Attorney Chuck Michel joins the program to break down how the far-left state could actually be a good thing for Republicans in the coming election. Kent State University student Kaitlin Bennett, a senior at the university, is getting backlash for her graduation photos that show her carrying her firearms. Kaitlin joins Grant to explain why she chose to do that and the irony of the backlash. A petition from Republicans would allow them to side-step Speaker Paul Ryan and force a vote on certain immigration bills. Former INS Agent Michael Cutler joins Grant to discuss what this means for immigration laws. Dan Bongino gives his thoughts on today’s current events.


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August 05, 2018

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