CRPA Legislation: Two Bills Take Aim at 2A

Two bills that take aim at Californian’s 2nd Amendment rights are to be heard in the committee of Assembly Public Safety.

The first is AB 893 (Gloria) which would ban the sale of firearms and ammunition from the Del Mar Fairgrounds property, where an incredibly successful and safe gun show has been held several times a year for the past few decades. Other local anti-2A groups have placed a stop of gun shows at the facilities in order to investigate their safety, all while these gun shows are forced to follow the strictest safety procedures in the country. Not once has there been a safety issue at these gun shows in Del Mar in the past twenty years. This bill is just another shot that the left is taking at 2A culture in the state. They want to demonetize gun shows so they are wiped out of existence. This bill would set a dangerous precedent for gun shows throughout the state.

The second bill to be heard in Assembly Public Safety is AB 688 (Chu), a bill that requires when leaving any firearm “in an unattended vehicle” the firearm be secured to the vehicle’s frame using a steel cable lock or chain and padlock or in a locked container that is secured using a steel cable lock or chain and padlock or that is permanently affixed to the vehicle. Anyone who has transported a firearm knows how ridiculous this bill is. This would put undue stress and harm to shooting coaches, Hunter Education Instructors, hunters and anyone who owns a firearm but couldn’t afford to modify their vehicle in order to transport their firearm.

These bills are great examples of California’s anti-2A legislators trying to chip away at the resources and abilities of the law-abiding gun owner. Instead of cracking down on the list of known illegally owned firearms, time and money are wasted enacting bills like these.
Want to help stop these bills from becoming law? Voice your opinion respectfully to the contacts below:

Send Assemblyman Chu a message here.

Send Assemblyman Gloria a message here. 


  • Both of these 2A Bill’s being introduced, do nothing to protect law abiding gun owners who enjoy marksman ship, and training as a hobby. Unless you own guns or transport them you would not realize the difficulty this creates while trying to enjoy sports shooting. What you are doing is trying to make criminals out if caring responsible citizens. Law abiding Gun owners are 100 million strong and growing. Do you have guards? If so what makes you more priveleged that us citizens?
    Kind regards.

  • I think it is ridiculous it is incredibly hard to put a cable through the frame to lock up a firearm especially multiple firearms even for the every day Hunter would make it very difficult he should be more laws on the people that are using them to commit crimes Like truth in sentencing instead of giving the criminals plea deals

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