Gun Sales Excise Tax Moves Forward

Assembly Bill 18 by Assemblymember Levine was voted to pass through the Assembly Revenue and Taxation committee yesterday, despite members on both sides testifying that taxing law-abiding citizens was not the answer! Instead, they voted to make it even more expensive for low-income Californians to protect themselves.

The California legislature has found yet another way to tax gun owners and those who seek to become gun owners. AB 18 would impose an excise tax on the sale of handguns and semiautomatic rifles. It would require the revenue collected from that tax to be used to fund grants through the “California Violence Intervention” and “Prevention Grant Program” within the Board of State and Community Corrections. These programs distribute grants to cities and community-based organizations to fund violence intervention and prevention activities.

There you have it. Gun owners who seek to purchase guns legally and follow the rules are punished again for the actions of criminals. CRPA and other groups were present in efforts to prevent this bill from passing in the committee.


  • A special excise tax on firearms violates the second amendment. The founders never intended that it’s citizens should have to pay to receive the guarantees provided by the bill of rights. To require that citizens pay to the right to “Keep and bear arms”, or enjoy free speech or any of the other rights provided for by the Constitution is laughable. Anyone attempting to tax the people of this country in order to receive their “Rights” should be declared a criminal and prosecuted for attempted extortion.

  • When does it end? People are leaving the state in the droves because of high taxes and lower quality of life. I’ve been in CA since 1950 and have never seen our legislators single out a single group of law abiding people to punish for the actions of criminals until the last few years. The actions of the legislators is unconstitutional and, therefore should be deemed criminal. They should all be ashamed.

  • When will someone with power and guts call out the lack of dedication to control the drugs on our streets? Collateral damage from drugs like crime and violence is being ignored by the state. They refuse to handle the root causes of crime and homelessness. I never wanted to need to carry but, now I NEED to… So I do legally. These bills do nothing to protect people. This is just another way to get money and keep Californians unsafe. Demand our Governor stand up and crack down on drugs. Tag him in posts. Call him out on his lack of public safety for citizens and law enforcement. When someone brings up addiction and crime, remind them the lack of criminal prosecution and the affects of addiction are due to the state not taking charge to keep our young from following in the footsteps of the criminals and the addicted. It is time to call them out daily! Their policies are why we need our guns. Drugs cause the majority of our public safety issues. Hold our politicians feet to the fire! You want our money then do your job and make our streets safer.

  • As per the bill…

    “Firearms sold by gun dealers contribute to unacceptably high rates of gun violence in communities across California. Dealers are the leading source of firearms trafficked to illegal markets, often through straw purchases as well as preventable losses or thefts. Data from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) indicates that from 2016 to 2018 alone, licensed dealers in California reported losing track of nearly 1,200 firearms from their inventories. The true number of these misplaced firearms, including unreported losses, is likely substantially higher.”

    This is completely ridiculous… So then of the 1200 missing firearms how many resulted in the injury or death of another? Funny how there are no statistics related to 1200… Where is the reference or source of information that proves FFLs are dealing firearms underground to the illegal market; I see no justifyable data here. This is all hyperbole in an effort to create yet another tax on the people, and most of all frustrate FFLs to the point of having to collect another fee that will be passed on to the consumer. Also, we can also assume the true number of sexual assaults are also much higher than what is reported and therefore preventable if CA granted more CCW without such a hassle. The back door for denying a CCW for a person without any background problems are judgments made by the Sheriff which are deemed “moral issues.” For example, a person with a clean background who may have experimented with drugs in college 20 years ago could be grounds for denial under “morale” disqualification.

  • I am 55 years old and a native Californian, or as I now refer to our state……..FAILIFORNIA.

    During the last 37 years I’ve been voting I never would have imagined the state legislature taking us in the “Tax us when they shouldn’t be” (AB18, etc), “Take way our rights” (2nd Amendment), “Create an unsafe and dangerous living environment” death spiral we are in now.

    The whole assault on the 2nd Amendment and law abiding citizens right to responsibly own and bear arms should be a wake up call to ALL people of FAILIFORNIA, even non-gun owners. Why do I say even non-gun owners, is because if the government can infringe or take away our 2nd amendment right what’s to say they will not do the same with the 1st amendment or any other amendment right we currently have. I have gotten non-gun owners to join the NRA and CRPA just for this reason.

    Since when do you have to PAY to be able to exercise a right under our Constitutional Amendments. As another commentator already said, ….”we do not have to pay to exercise Free Speech”. That is an excellent point and one I would like an attorney for the CRPA to answer how the state/government gets away with that.

    Please share what’s happening with ALL non-gun owners and educate them. I found so many people do not have the true facts about guns, how they work and gun ownership. However, when presented with them they are more understanding, interested and willing to fight for this right as well. Not all will, but even if it’s just a few it helps. Non-gun owners help could make the difference in this fight for the 2nd Amendment for all people.

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