San Diego City Council Passes Gun Storage Ordinance in 6-2 Vote

San Diego City Council Passes Gun Storage Ordinance in 6-2 Vote

Thank you CRPA members in San Diego for joining with CRPA in fighting against bad policy that would make gun owners less safe. The City of San Diego considered a proposed ordinance supported by the pro-gun-control City Attorney and advocacy groups that have been leading a concerted efforts to remove the voice of gun owners in San Diego for months. They have challenged gun shows across the state and work to promote more gun control in communities with no real consideration for constitutional rights simply because they dislike the gun culture.

Unfortunately, even with a strong showing from gun owners and studies that were presented showing that mandated gun storage laws create more opportunity for crime, the City Council of San Diego passed the ordinance by a vote of 6-2. CRPA will continue to monitor this issue as we look at next steps.

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  • So what is next. I registered my AR-15 with the state of CA. Whats going to happen when they outlaw this gun. Are they going to use the state registration list to send the police to my home to confiscate my gun. What is the CRPA going to do to protect my rights under the constitution as a law abiding citizen. With the city of San Diego telling us how to “protect ourselves” in our homes I don’t see why home invasion by the police isn’t the next step. Perhaps they will come with M-16s and Kevlar at 4am dressed in black and kicking down doors. The NRA seems busy with their infighting.

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