Polymer80 and Protecting You

December 21, 2020

December 21, 2020- Polymer80 is a company that manufactures unfinished 80 percent receivers and frames. These unfinished products are typically not considered a firearm because they are non-operable without someone taking steps (like drilling into the hunk of plastic) in order to transform them into a functioning firearm.

Well, just this past week the ATF raided Polymer80 and began confronting Polymer80 customers all in an attempt to confiscate certain unfinished frame kits sold by the manufacturer.

It seems that leaked phone conversations between ATF leadership indicate they have been working with the incoming anti-gun Biden administration to make “80% lower receivers” a target for the next administration. Now, whether this plays into the Polymer80 raid or not, we don’t know, but consumers need to be aware that government officials are working overtime to engage customers around this issue.


CRPA is working on this issue as well–to protect you as a customer. If you are approached by anyone asking about your lawfully purchased, non-firearm, receiver or frame, do yourself a favor and don’t get involved without your lawyer! We know that ATF seized customer records from Polymer80 during the raid on December 10th and they already had other customer records from a third party shipping service.

CRPA is continuing to monitor this issue and will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

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