We Will Not Be Silenced!

After publicly supporting Donald Trump during the Presidential campaign, Antonio Sabato Jr., (famous for his many roles on various shows such as ABC’s General Hospital), was targeted by the very same individuals who comprise the anti-gun lobby, who are eager to silence high-profile supporters of liberty and desire to strip law-abiding citizens of their inalienable right of self-protection.

The individuals who sought to permanently silence Antonio Sabato Jr., are the same individuals who bankrolled Gavin Newsom’s Prop 63 and other anti-Second Amendment propaganda. These kinds of attacks against free speech will not be left unanswered! We cannot allow the anti-gun lobby  to dictate and define what is right, and who is and isn’t allowed to speak!

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Like Antonio Sabato Jr., CRPA is ready to stand up to the bullies who seek to leave law-abiding Californians vulnerable and show them that their tactics of intimidation will no longer work!

This March 18th,  aboard the U.S.S. Iowa, you can hear first-hand from Antonio Sabato Jr., about his courageous story and eagerness to stand up to those who seek to silence lovers of liberty. Antonio is more committed than ever, despite being targeted and silenced for his beliefs, to preserve liberty for all in California and throughout the nation.

On March 18th, stand with CRPA and Antonio Sabato Jr. as we send a clear message to opponents of freedom, that we will not be silenced!

To be a part of this movement, click here!

We look forward to seeing you on March 18th and continuing the fight to preserve the Second Amendment in California!


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