UPDATE: “Safety For All” Hearing

Today the California Rifle & Pistol Association, National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of California, and other members of the Coalition for Civil Liberties offered testimony about the many problems with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s “Safety for All” initiative, that will limit your Second Amendment rights, in a joint Assembly and Senate committee hearing held in Sacramento.

The CRPA & Coalition of Civil Liberties was responsible for bringing together these defenders of liberty. Some of those who spoke on the behalf of California gun owners included Michele Hanisse, who is President of the LA Association of Deputy District Attorneys, Cory Salzillo, California State Sheriff’s Association, and Joe Silvoso from the law firm of Michel & Associates. To watch their testimonies in defense of our civil liberties, click here.

The Coalition of Civil Liberties is the leading opposition group to Newsom’s efforts and is backed by all major gun rights groups and also a diverse coalition of groups & individuals that has been put together under the leadership of the CRPA, NRA, and GOC. Some supporters of the coalition include:

National Shooting Sports Foundation

Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys

Women Against Gun Control

Law Enforcement Alliance of America 

California Reserve Peace Offers Association

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Pink Pistols

Plus many more…

This movement will only grow larger as the Coalition for Civil Liberties continues to recruit additional organizations and individuals to fight back against this full throttle assault on our Second Amendment rights by Gavin Newsom and his “Safety for All” ballot initiative.

We will need your help to win the fight to preserve your right to own a gun for sport or protection. Below are some ways you can help us in the efforts to preserve Second Amendment rights for generations to come.

Donate to help us reach others in protecting the right to bear arms:



Volunteer to be part of the fight against Newsom’s draconian efforts:



Thank you for your continued support and please share this message so that others can join us in this critical fight for freedom.

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