UPDATE: Riverside Count CCW Permits

Riverside County residents,

CRPA is aware that the Riverside Sheriff’s office has been overwhelmed with an increased number of CCW applications since the December 2nd terrorist attacks.

CRPA representatives are in contact with the Riverside County Sheriff’s office about this and other CCW issues. The Department is working hard to process applications as quickly as possible, and regrets the unavoidable delay.

Unfortunately, the Sheriff’s Department cannot use civilian volunteers for this sensitive process, but the Department recently added another full time clerk to assist with processing of applications, so that should speed things up a bit. Also, the CCW unit staff are seeing signs that the backlog is beginning to ease up.

The Sheriff is seeking more funding during next month’s budget review with the County Board of Supervisors to fill some of its hundreds of staff vacancies. So If you live in Riverside County you should call the Supervisors’ offices and urge them to give the Sheriff’s Department the resources it needs and has requested for this next fiscal year starting in July. The County’s current budget challenges are severe, but the Sheriff currently feels that the Sheriff’s Department may not face additional cuts in staffing next year — but that will become clearer over the next month.  Appointments for applicants may be moved up if more funding becomes available, or the proposed additional cuts to staffing under consideration by the County are avoided.

Much of the backlog is caused by the fact that the Sheriff’s Department is really the only CCW issuing agency in Riverside County, even though nearly half of the county’s population is served by separate city police departments that can also issue CCWs. Nothing prohibits these city police chiefs from issuing CCWs in addition to the County Sheriff. Their reluctance is not necessarily a reflection of the police chiefs in these cities being against issuing CCWs. It is more a reluctance to take on the administrative burden and cost to process applications. So if you know the chief in your city, maybe a polite communication is in order.

Please keep in mind that adjustments to Riverside Sheriff’s CCW policy and practices since 2007, as well as the public being encouraged to apply by the Sheriff over the years, have resulted in nearly 2000 active CCWs currently under issuance by the Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County. That is a record number of CCW holders, and the number keeps growing. It represents a fourfold increase from when current Sheriff Stan Sniff took office in 2007. At least an additional 450 applications are currently being processed, and CRPA members in Riverside are reporting that, although there are delays to get an initial appointment for an interview with the Department’s CCW representative, there does not seem to be much difficulty in satisfying the “good cause” requirement to get a CCW approved, and renewals for currently approved CCW-holders remain department priority and are not being held up.

CRPA will keep Riverside members in the loop as things develop, and welcomes your comments and suggestions through [email protected].

Thank you!

10 responses to “UPDATE: Riverside Count CCW Permits

  1. I spoke (through email) with the City of Murrieta Chief of Police a couple weeks ago. He has someone looking into what it’ll take for the City to issue permits. He will then take his findings to the City Council at their next meeting in July / August.

    The Chief stated he is pro CCW for law abiding citizens.

  2. Bull! Once again Sniff’s cronies ride to the defence of his anti-CCW-issue policies and procedures. The FACT is that the one and only thing holding up the CCW issue is his deliberate bottlenecking of the process. He’s the sheriff and if he truly wanted to speed up the process he could and would throw a dozen more deputies at the problem limit the process to a 15-minute NICS instant background check and issue the same day. Instead, he limits the number of officers processing applications and has them put applicants through a legally dubious and totally unnecessary application and interview process for the sole purposes of frustrating applicants and slowing the process to a crawl. To him the slow pace and long waits are features and not bugs.

    Remember what happened to the credibility of the NRA’s Inland Empire Member’s Council when it backed the anti-CCW sheriff? It’s still struggling to recover. You risk doing the same to the CRPA just as you’re struggling to overcome the organization’s good ‘ol boys club do-nothing reputation.

    1. Thats true.. I mean 2018 till an interview is what one guy said….. you know how many deputies are on limited duty and on disability ect they could throw in that division? they could put like 20 guys in there.. BTW, the two deputies that are in there now are super super guys .. Frank Yezzo is a great guy and one of the JUST TWO deputies in that division… and very easy going in the whole process but again, its almost like you should just CCW on your own at that point of waiting.

  3. I have a current CCW from another county. I’m told by Riverside county that I have to begin the process over in their county, taking the safety course from one of their vendors and I have to interview. They gave me an appointment in January 2019!!

    I also have to surrender my CCW to the issuing county because of my change of address.

  4. People, CCW permits are not to be handed out like candy—-guns are a serious matter. The
    process should be slow and careful. Not many people are willing to train continuously with
    the proper instruction. Its not just having a gun, the correct mindset that goes along with carrying. I’m for everyone with a CCW be required to undergo a yearly mental evaluation because personal circumstances can change rapidly with devastating results.

    1. Those permits are not handed out like candy… The process to achieve a CCW permit is a long and lengthy one. Lots of training hours to undergo, interviews and the costs are increasing as well. Studies have shown that those who have a CCW are the most law abiding people you will meet. These permits are not instant, and they are one of the most responsible gun owners out there. CCW holders are not the people you should fear, its the ones who actually bought the gun to harm others, not the ones who bought it to protect themselves.

      1. Just got my interview appointment. First available was April 2019. Over two years away. The problem is worse since this article was written.

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