Two Anti-Freedom Bills Move On

SB 497 Moves Forward

On April 18, in the Senate Public Safety Committee, SB 497 ( Portantino – D) passed on a party-line vote.

SB 497, if it becomes law, would extend the one handgun a month limit to ALL firearms. In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill stating that “Given California’s stringent laws restricting gun ownership, I do not believe this additional restriction is needed.”

It is clear that this bill would do nothing but add costs and a greater burden to law-abiding Californians who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Additionally, SB 497 will do nothing to restrict criminals and make California safer.

SB 497 will now make its way to the Senate Appropriations and we will alert you once a date for its hearing has been set.

SB 464 Moves To Suspense 

On April 17, we also saw SB 464 (Hill – D) sent to suspense file where it will be considered for a later date.

If SB 464 is passed into law, it will place even more burdensome firearm requirements on California licensed firearm dealers, who already face the most restrictive regulations in the nation.  It would result in increased costs for licensed firearm dealers, higher prices for consumers, possible closure of small businesses and loss of jobs.

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