Take Action: Support AB 757 & AB 521!

AB 757, which could make California a “shall issue” state, will be heard before the Assembly Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, April 4th. The hearing will take place in Room 126 at 9 AM in the State Capitol. It is critical that you contact the Public Safety Committee and urge the members of the Public Safety Committee to support this important bill proposed by Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez!

Contact The Assembly Public Safety Committee!

CRPA is also supporting and sponsoring AB 521, which will greatly reduce the outrageously over-priced California Elk Tags from $450 to $67. AB 521 will be heard by the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee on Tuesday, April 4th, in room 444 of the State Capitol at 9 AM.

Contact The Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee!

Please contact the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee and urge them to support this bill that will allow more Californians to take part in hunting. Passing this bill will result in reducing Elk Tag fees to the average cost in most western states and help reverse the steady decline of hunting in California over the last twenty years.

Remember, please contact the offices of Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez and Assemblyman Jim Frazier to thank them for bringing forward two admirable pieces of legislation that will help preserve and grow the Second Amendment culture in California.

Contact Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez!

Contact Assemblyman Jim Frazier!

Thank you for standing with CRPA as we fight to preserve and expand the Second Amendment in California!

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