Take Action: Stop Assembly Bill 424!

Stop Assembly Bill 424!

On Tuesday, March 14, the Assembly Public Safety Committee will be holding a hearing on Assembly Bill 424 at 9:00 AM in room 126 of the State Capitol Building, which would take away the privilege of school district superintendents to grant permission to an individual to lawfully carry a firearm within a school zone.

Assembly Bill 424, sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin McCarty (D – Sacramento), has no intention of ensuring that California schools are safe and is only focused on continuing the assault on law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, their families and friends.

Additionally, Assembly Bill 424 would drastically impact if not eliminate completely, many successful after school programs that require the use of firearms, such as ROTC and Hunter Education classes. Without these programs, many young Californians will be denied a safe learning environment that will deprive them of the valuable skills needed to be successful in their lives.This is something that we cannot allow to happen under our watch!

Assembly Bill 424 is not the first attempt to make schools more vulnerable. In 2015, Senate Bill 707 was passed, which prohibited lawful individuals with concealed carry permits from carrying on campus unless permission by the superintendent was granted. Since this bill passed, CRPA has been active in persuading school districts and superintendents throughout California to allow concealed carry on campus.

This successful endeavor taken on by CRPA, as seen in the Kern High School District’s decision to allow campus carry last year, will be undone if Assembly Bill 424 is passed. We cannot allow the legislature to undo this progress in expanding Second Amendment rights!

Take action today by contacting the Public Safety Committee and telling each member that you do not support this insidious move that will result in California schools becoming less safe in addition to hindering the growth of California students!

The list of members on the public safety committee can be found here.  You can also read CRPA’s opposition letter here.


Stay informed on the events of the 2017 legislative session by vising CRPA.org regularly.


11 responses to “Take Action: Stop Assembly Bill 424!

  1. I am 100% in the fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and would love to help the fight on Assembly Bill 424 but I didn’t received any notice of this bill until 1920 hrs on the night of March 13th and was told that the hearing on the bill would be at 0900 hrs the morning of the 14th.

    My question is how can I get my concerns about this bill to the right person before the 0900 hour of the meeting when their office is already closed? – I would be surprised if they even looked at their in box before the 0900 hr. meeting.

  2. Please vote against AB424. I am sick and tired of people who don’t have a stake in the issue developing legislation, and others who don’t have a stake in the issue voting for it. Have any concealed carry permit holders ever been responsible for any school shootings? How many have helped thwart the attacks and held the injuries and deaths to a minimum? ….several that I know of, and probably a lot more!

  3. Go to this link, look up your Assemblyperson & State Senator. http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/
    Do e-mail them tonight.

    I think what is more effective is calling. Be very polite. My name is X, I live in (your city, area name, county) in Assembly-person Y’s district. I am opposed to AB 424, because X, I would hope Assembly-Person Y will oppose this bill. Thank the staff member for listing.

    I live in the SF Bay Area, I find many offices open well before 09:00 because of commute issues. The Sacramento offices check in with the local office.

  4. I don’t see the opposition letter. Both “here” links are to safety committee members an no letter. Need an easier way to click-through with email opposition. Gotta work early tomorrow and can’t call by 9AM.

  5. Kevin McCarty is the junkyard dog of BS bills. The only way to stop him is to vote him and all the other career politicians OUT OF OFFICE. Will that happen in California? Very doubtful.

  6. School Districts should be training and arming qualified staff to protect our children in case the unthinkable happens. Schools and Gun Free zones are soft targets and the Terrorists know it. One good guy with a gun can save life’s. Possibly your child’s life. Please Vote “NO” on AB 424.

  7. Assembly Member Kevin McCarty from CA is an IDIOT at the highest level that has no regard for the safety of our children. Today we had another San Bernardino School shooting today. School was a closed campus (pathetic) with no armed security. Unified School Police does no good if they are not on site at all time. Police are minutes away when SECONDS count. Two Adult People dead and two injured. So much for saving lives you moron. AB 707 is the law which also gives good common sense principals to give authority to license carrying individuals to be armed on property. Of the 200 active shooter incidents, NEVER have we had a gun license carrying person be the SUSPECT. Pull your head out Mr. McCarty and STOP AB 424.

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