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Today, the California State Senate Appropriations Committee approved various pieces of anti-firearm legislation that will severely limit your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The reasoning behind these pieces of legislation is to beat Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom to the punch, in his push for stricter gun control throughout California. What we are seeing is a competition within the party to see who can take away your rights first.

Below is a list of the bills that were brought before the committee today:

SB 880 (Hall) – SB 880 will serve as a reclassification of various weapons such as semiautomatic center-fire rifles or semiautomatic pistols that can accept a detachable magazine to “assault weapons”, meaning that these weapons would now be illegal. 

SB 894 (Jackson) – SB 894 will make it a crime if an individual gun owner does not report their gun stolen within 5 days of realizing that their weapon has gone missing. This legislation will also make it a crime to fail to report a recovered gun within 48 hours. 

SB 1006 (Wolk) – SB 1006 would direct the University of California to use taxpayer funds for gun control research. 

SB 1407 (De Leon) – SB 1407 would require as of, July 1, 2018, that all newly manufactured weapons must have a serial number or unique identifier or the manufacturer or assembler will face consequences. This bill would also require as of, January 1, 2019, that all gun owners who own a weapon with out a unique identifier must apply to the California Department of Justice for a identifier for weapons dating back to 1899. 

SB 1446 (Hancock) – SB 1446 would make it, as of, July 1, 2017, a crime to posses any high capacity magazine regardless of when the magazine was acquired. The first offense would be a fine not exceeding 100 dollars and with subsequent offenses, the punishment would rise. 
                                     “GUTTED AND AMENDED BILLS”
AB 156 (McCarty & De Leon) – AB 156’s original intent was to combat global warming but has been altered to serve as a restriction on ammunition.

AB 857 (Cooper & De Leon) – AB 857’s original intent was to reduce greenhouse gases, but has been altered to serve as a restriction on curios, relics, and home-built firearms.

AB 1135 (Levine & Ting) – AB 1135’s original intent was to form the Kings River East Groundwater Sustainability Agency but has been amended to serve as a reclassification of certain semi-automatic weapons to assault weapons.

AB 1511 (Santiago) – AB 1511’s original intent was to encourage the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission to establish a comprehensive plan to save energy throughout California. The new version of this bill would be to limit the loan of a firearm between two law abiding citizens, for example a hunting trip or home protection.

Tell Sacramento “NO!” Contact your local representative and let them know these bills must be stopped and our last chance to defeat them is on the floor of the Senate. Help CRPA defend your rights and defeat this assault on your freedom. It takes one call to make a difference. To find your local Senator, you can click here.

This battle is just one of many in the war to defend your right to choose to own a gun for sport or protection. If we are to continue this fight, CRPA needs your help. With your donation, you help fund our efforts to ensure that our Second Amendment rights live on for generations to come.

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4 responses to “Take Action Now!

  1. What is the purpose of the Second Amendment, if not to serve as defense or deterrent against abuse of Military or Police power by overzealous politicians acting in their own interests against The People?

  2. What your doing is illegal disguising a bill to suit your needs is a travesty their is still a constitution and These are not assault weapons they only fore one shot at a time and most guns have detachable mags you disarm Californians only the criminals will have guns and your state will implode on itself all you will have left here is criminals because good people wont stay and deal with your ridiculous actions .. their are more responsible gun owners in California then bad ones so why are you trying to take away our only safety against criminals .. geez California what have you done……………

  3. Response to California Gun Legislation

    These recently passed laws from the Legislative Committees are doing nothing to control criminal activities. These laws will make law abiding citizens criminals if enacted. These law makers are in competition with each other to see who can write the most restrictive gun control law regardless of the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. Efforts of these law makers should be developing control of the criminals and the reporting of mentally unstable persons from possessing guns. Criminals will simple acquire their guns and ammunition out of state as they probably do now. If a law requiring a person that uses a gun in a criminal act receives an automatic additional sentence of 25-years, they may think twice about committing the criminal act. I urge that all of these proposed laws to impact and curtail gun ownership of law abiding citizens not be signed into law.

  4. My wife and I are third generation Californians. I have never considered living anywhere else, except when the Navy was calling the shots. Now though when we are considering the location of a retirement home, we’re thinking about other states where our constitutional rights are still in tact. Just like Obama seems to be bent on the destruction of the US, Brown seems to want to screw up our state. Already large, high emploment companies are heading for TX due to the high tax structure, high cost of living environment in CA. Now they want to diminish legal gun owners rights, when other states are just the opposite. When only criminals are armed, there will be one hell of a problem. All the givers will be gone, leaving only the takers.

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