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On Tuesday March 21st, we will yet again see a flurry of Second Amendment related bills brought up in their respective committees.

In the Assembly Public Safety Committee, AB 7 will be brought up for discussion. AB 7 will further burden law-abiding Californians by expanding the restrictions on open carry of an unloaded firearm in a public place or public street within an unincorporated portion of a county.

To contact the Assembly Public Safety committee and to tell them to vote no on AB7, click here.

In the Senate Public Safety Committee, SB 464 will be brought up for discussion. SB 464, will place even more burdensome firearm requirements on California licensed firearm dealers, who already face the most restrictive regulations in the nation.

All SB 464 will do is result in adding more costs to licensed firearm dealers which will then result in higher prices for the consumer, and potential closing of small businesses.

To contact the Senate Public Safety Committee and to tell them to vote no on SB 464, click here.

In the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee, AB 986 will be brought up for discussion. AB 986 will reduce sporting license fees for veterans in recognition of their service to this county and serve as a small token of California’s appreciation for their sacrifice.

To contact the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee and to tell them to vote yes on AB 986, clickhere.

Last week AB 424 was approved by a party line vote in the Assembly Public Safety Committee. AB 424 if enacted into law would remove the authority of school superintendents or those with equivalent authority to give written authority for an individual to possess a firearm within a school zone. AB 424 will now move on to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. 

Stay informed on the events of the 2017 legislative session by visitng CRPA.org regularly. 

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