Supreme Court Decision To Hear Peruta Delayed

On January 12, CRPA and NRA attorneys submitted a petition to the United States Supreme Court to review Peruta v. San Diego. The earliest a decision could have been made was today, March 24. As of the morning, the Supreme Court docket shows that the decision by the Court’s conference on whether or not Peruta will be heard has been rescheduled to a later date.

When the Supreme Court reschedules a case, it is usually rescheduled for the following conference a week later. But, there is also a chance that it could be rescheduled before then. If the decision is rescheduled again next week, the decision on Peruta could be pushed back another two weeks as the Court has no conference the following week.

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One response to “Supreme Court Decision To Hear Peruta Delayed

  1. Peruta case may be moot if HR38, (Interstate CCW reciprocity bill), passes Senate & assuming it allows CA residents with Nonresident permits to carry. Also; best to put off Supreme Ct. hearing Peruta case till Gorsuch confirmed. Yes; HR38 require CA residents to jump through an additional hoop to carry in CA, by getting out of state permit, (relatively easy process). But, assuming bill recognizes non resident permits, its passage will force CA sheriffs to eventually abandon “May Issue” policy & cash in on additional permit revenues, rather than fight tide of vast numbers of CA residents doing end run around CA restrictive anti carry policies. CRPA needs to keep us updated on this vital bill & strongly support it, as well as Peruta case.

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