[tabs tab1=”SB 374” tab2=”Summary” tab3=”Current Status” tab4=”Take Action“] [tab1] Firearms: assault weapons.
(Darrell Steinberg – D)

CRPA’s Position:  OPPOSE[/tab1] [tab2]SB 374 Proposes to ban the sale of centerfire semi-auto rifles with any detachable magazine and rifles with fixed or tubular magazines over 10 rounds. The bill also proposes to require current owners of centerfire semi-automatic rifles with any detachable magazine and rifles with fixed or tubular magazines over 10 rounds to register such rifles as “so-called assault weapons.” [/tab2]


Introduced: 2/20/2013

Last Amend: 9/6/2013

Status: 10/11/2013-Vetoed by the Governor

Location: 10/11/2013-Senate Vetoed
Call, e-mail and/or write. 

Darrell Steinberg
[email protected]
State Capitol, Room 205 Sacramento, CA 95814
Office: (916) 651-4006
Fax: (916) 327-2187

Send your comments on pending legislation and regulatory actions to your legislator and/or the Fish and Game Commission. And remember that it is just as important to send a letter or e-mail thanking officials when they support gun owners and sportsmen. Please keep in mind the following when you write:

· State your name and address (phone number optional)
· State that you are a member of CRPA
· Be professional and courteous
· Be concise
· State what the issue is
· State your concerns or your thanks
· State what action you are requesting

For questions on Fish and Game Commission meetings, permit revocations, and the regulatory process, please contact the Fish and Game Commission.

Mailing Address:
California Fish and Game Commission
1416 Ninth Street
P.O. Box 944209
Sacramento, CA 94244-2090

E-mail: [email protected]
(Include the subject of the regulations in the e-mail subject line)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may find that some Senators and Assembly Members try to reject your contacts if you are not from their district. Sometimes legislator’s websites require that you enter a local zip code in order to e-mail their office. Please don’t be deterred by their attempts to silence you! Let them know that you have the right to contact them and that you will continue to contact them when there is a Second Amendment or hunting rights issue pending before the legislature. IT IS A DEMOCRATIC PROCESS AND YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD – DON’T BE SILENCED!

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