San Carlos City Council Now Considering Blocking New Turner’s Outdoorsman Store From Opening

On Monday, November 13, 2017, the San Carlos City Council is scheduled to consider imposing a moratorium to block new gun stores from opening in the City. If the City Council passes the moratorium, a new Turner’s Outdoorsman store, with a mid-November planned opening, would be prohibited from proceeding until the City decides whether to impose new zoning and use permit requirements on sporting goods stores. This last-minute attack by the City comes after months of Turner’s Outdoorsman responsibly working with the City of San Carlos and the City Police Chief, and after Turner’s Outdoorsman has invested significant time, money, and resources to bring the store to opening day readiness.

This attempt to block the opening of the new Turner’s Outdoorsman store is driven by several vocal anti-gun residents, but the gun-ban lobby, which has made it a priority to block new gun stores from opening in California through excessive red tape, is also involved and attempting to influence the City Council to impose such a ban.

NRA and CRPA attorneys are monitoring the efforts to ban gun stores in San Carlos, and in other California cities. NRA and CRPA will be submitting letters of opposition soon in regard to this arbitrary and discriminatory attempt to keep a legitimate retailer from opening in the city of San Carlos. We need your help to stop the City Council’s actions.

The City Council is scheduled to discuss the matter during its November 13, 2017 meeting. The meeting will be held at 7:00pm in the San Carlos City Hall, located at 600 Elm Street, San Carlos, CA 94070. We encourage all of our members who are able to attend this meeting  to do so and voice their opposition. We also need emails and calls made to the City Clerk and City Council members, before the public meeting, showing the great opposition to these actions against legitimate sporting goods retailers. Comments may be submitted to:

Crystal Mui
San Carlos City Clerk
600 Elm Street
San Carlos, CA 94070
Phone: (650) 802-4219
Fax: (650) 595-6719
Email: [email protected]

Mayor Bob Grassilli-                              [email protected]

Vice Mayor Matt Grocott                        [email protected]

Councilmember Mark Olbert                   [email protected]

Councilmember Ron Collins                   [email protected]

Councilmember Cameron Johnson        [email protected]

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  1. I do not like golf, so I say all golf stores should be banned. Ridiculous, right. Well I enjoy target shooting and I enjoy the peace of mind that I can protect myself and family if someone breaks in.

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