Sacramento is Open for Business

Today, the Senate and Assembly will reconvene for the 2017 legislative year. With the legislature returning to Sacramento, our freedoms are once again at risk.

This legislative session, we are sure to see an assault on the Second Amendment that has never been seen before, even more extreme than what we saw in 2016.

With a supermajority party in both houses of the legislature, we are guaranteed to see every dirty trick in the book when it comes to passing laws that will strip individuals of their rights to keep and bear arms.

Fortunately, CRPA and NRA will be back at it again defending your rights against anti-firearm politicians and bureaucrats. CRPA and NRA will be on the frontlines exposing the tactics of those who seek to disarm law-abiding citizens and giving them the fight of their lives.

Additionally, with the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President, any unconstitutional law passed by the California legislature will be challenged and hopefully go before what will be a Supreme Court that is supportive of the right to keep and bear arms.

So as the halls of Sacramento open, rest assured that the CRPA and NRA will be working with our allies from both sides of the aisle to defend your rights.

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Thank you for supporting CRPA and NRA, and we look forward to the coming year and standing side by side with you in the fight to preserve the Second Amendment in California.

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