Sacramento Democrats Hire Eric Holder to Take Away Your Rights

Last month, we told you about a coalition that had been formed by several of the country’s most elite law firms to push for more gun control. They named this coalition the Firearms Accountability Counsel Taskforce (FACT).

The law firms that comprise this new task force, hope to harass lawful firearm businesses and defend unconstitutional gun control laws from pro-Second Amendment lawsuits.

The law firms who are a part of this anti-Second Amendment Coalition are:

  • Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison
  • Covington & Burling
  • Arnold & Porter
  • O’Melveny & Myers
  • Dentons
  • Munger, Tolles & Olson
  • Hogan Lovells

A major player in this coalition, Covington & Burling, currently employ former Attorney General Eric Holder, who is no friend of the Second Amendment.

Today, in a completely unsurprising move, Sacramento Democrats, who now control the legislature with a super-majority in both houses, have hired Mr. Holder to represent them in their fight against  President Donald Trump and the Second Amendment.

This action shows that the anti-firearm lobby is ready to do whatever it takes to keep law-abiding Californians from protecting themselves and their families.

CRPA and NRA are ready to challenge the anti-firearm lobby and Sacramento politicians but will need your support if we are to be successful!

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3 responses to “Sacramento Democrats Hire Eric Holder to Take Away Your Rights

  1. Holder is the criminal that that was responsible for fast and furious. He should be in jail not involved in California politics.

  2. Hello
    That anyone would be so amoral as to hire a disgraced and corrupt Holder is no surprise , nor is his continued assault on our rights .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.. Carry

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