Peruta Update

Last Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) met in conference to discuss the CRPA and NRA Peruta V. San Diego case. This morning, SCOTUS released their orders list, but Peruta was not included.

While being omitted from the orders list could mean a number of things, it is better than being on the “denied” list, which Peruta avoided today.

The next SCOTUS internal conference will be held May 11, which means that we won’t likely know the fate of Peruta until Monday, May 15 at the earliest.
In the meantime, our legal team will continue to monitor the situation and alert you once a decision has been made. Peruta is a critical step in bringing true Second Amendment freedom to California by making the Golden State, a “Shall Issue” state and we need your help if we are to make this happen.


By donating to The CRPA Foundation today, you will be directly helping us not only with Peruta but also in our widely-publicized lawsuit challenging California’s “Assault Weapon” Ban and our coming challenge against the “Large Capacity Magazine” ban as well.

The tide is turning in California and it is because of your support but as the battles continue, we will need you standing by our side. Your donation will go directly to the fight to preserve and expand the Second Amendment in California and nowhere else.

Thank you for being in the trenches with CRPA and NRA and assisting us in our battle to preserve and expand your right to keep and bear arms in California.

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