NRA & CRPA File Villanueva v. Becerra

NRA and CRPA Attorneys File Another Lawsuit Against California Gun Laws: Latest is a Challenge To Recently Enacted “Assault Weapon” Regulations On September 8th, 2017, attorneys for the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) and the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA), filed the third in a series of planned lawsuits that challenge California’s recently … Continued


CRPA and NRA file lawsuit against California “Assault Weapon” Regulations!

Tell Governor Brown to VETO SB 464

Stop SB 464 Last week, SB 464 passed the Assembly and may be on its way to the governor’s desk soon. SB 464 aims to create more stringent requirements regarding the storage of firearms by vendors. These proposed regulations are gratuitous and would spell disaster for firearms dealers across the state. The increased security necessary … Continued

In Response To NRA/CRPA Demands, Los Angeles Repeals Ordinances Prohibiting Sale of “Ultracompact” Firearms and Possession of Standard Capacity Magazines

In Response To NRA/CRPA Demands, Los Angeles Repeals Ordinances Prohibiting Sale of “Ultracompact” Firearms and Possession of Standard Capacity Magazines   In response to pre-litigation demands from the NRA and CRPA, the Los Angeles City Council has voted to repeal a city ordinance prohibiting the sale or transfer of “ultracompact firearms” in Los Angeles. The city … Continued

CRPA Training Center Is Helping Educate SoCal Gun Owners

CRPA’s Training Center holds a multitude of classes for its members, and members of the surrounding community. As an organization, CRPA is dedicated to supporting instructors in their commitment to educating others, and works with them in accommodating classroom and advertising needs. Classes offered are geared towards emergency preparedness, safety, firearm education and increased knowledge … Continued

California Students Make History Come Alive At 4-H Championship Shoot

The National 4-H Western Heritage Conference and Championship Shoot was held August 1 – 3, 2017 in historic Fort Benton, Montana. The 4-H Western Heritage Project combines a comprehensive study of the Old West with the fastest growing shooting sports discipline in the world – western action shooting. The purpose of this project is to … Continued

Ruling in NRA/CRPA Lawsuit Reigns in DOJ’s Misuse of DROS Fees

A California state court has issued an important ruling holding DOJ accountable for its historical mismanagement and misuse of DROS (dealer record of sale) account funds collected as fees from gun purchasers. The ruling came in the NRA and CRPA supported case of Gentry v. Becerra. DROS fee funds are only supposed to be used … Continued