CRPA California Legal Affairs Report Update Now Available!

We have updated our California Legal Affairs Report, which highlights the many regulatory battles with the California Department of Justice, hunting policy debates and range and gun owner assistance efforts. To view this report, click NRA & CRPA Legal Affairs Report. For more updates on what is going on in Sacramento, the courts and throughout California, please … Continued


Lawsuits are Coming!

CRPA and NRA are gearing up to sue the State of California and keep the freedom-crushing Proposition 63 from going into effect! Proposition 63, a political tool used by Gavin Newsom, is an unprecedented step in limiting law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families. Despite what Newsom and his fellow cronies who make up … Continued


LISTEN: Just Guns Radio 1-30-2017

Today on Just Guns Radio Show, alert from GOA that Trump plans to reverse anti-gun executive orders and more!


Join the Fight in Orange County!

California politicians are gearing up to continue their war on law-abiding Californian gun owners. To them, people who chose to own a gun for sport of to defend their families are acceptable collateral damage. It’s time to take back our freedoms, and to make our presence known through our numbers working at every level of … Continued


Sacramento Democrats Punish Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez for Believing in Freedom

Last week, Democratic leadership in Sacramento attacked Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R – Lake Elsinore) by stripping her of her Vice Chairmanship on the Public Safety Committee. This act of cowardice was in response to Assemblywoman Melendez’s tireless efforts to protect the right to keep and bear arms and ensure the safety of all Californians. By … Continued


Xavier Becerra Confirmed as CA AG

Anti-Second Amendment Congressman Xavier Becerra Confirmed to Lead California Department of Justice On Monday, January 23rd, Congressman Xavier Becerra was confirmed by the State Senate as California’s next Attorney General. The final vote tally was 26-9. Over the past month, CRPA has alerted its members about the dangers of appointing someone to such a critical … Continued


Listen Now: Just Guns Radio 1-23-2017

Today on Just Guns Radio, record number of guns sold in CA, Obama parting shot on gun use on Federal land, and recap on SHOT Show!


Just Guns Radio 1-16-17

Today on the Just Guns Radio Show, CA DOJ illegal release of private information on certified Firearm Safety Instructors, a bill going through Congress to disband the Bureau Alcohol, Firearms, & Explosives, and finally the Sue-apoolsa beings!