We need YOU to help protect Affordable Hunting


Tomorrow, the CA Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water will vote on AB 521, a bill that aims to reduce the cost of elk hunting and increase youth participation in our state’s hunting tradition. However, Senator Hertzberg, the Democratic Chairmen for the committee, has attempted to poison this bill. Senator Hertzberg wants to amend AB 521 to effectively end youth elk hunting in the state of California. We need YOU at the capitol to stand up against this assault on affordable hunting. If we come out in force, we can show this committee that affordable hunting for all, especially our youth, is a necessity for the people of California.

Be there for the hearing, Tuesday July 11, 2017, at 9am in room 112 of the State Capitol Building. Come out and fight for hunters today, and more importantly, our future hunters of tomorrow. With your help, we CAN secure an unamended AB 521 and ensure elk hunting for ourselves and our youth.

Here are your talking points. Say this:

  1. If amended, AB 521 will keep the price of Elk tags at $445. This is far above the national average price for an elk tag and is prohibitively expensive for most hunters. If passed without the amendments, the bill will reduce this fee to a far more reasonable $100.
  2. An unamended AB 521 will provide for the issuance for $20 apprentice tags, which will allow our children to effectively, and affordably, learn how to hunt. If amended, the bill will no longer stipulate more affordable apprentice tags for children.
  3. Without this vital experience, the next generation of hunters will be jeopardized. Governor Brown has consistently stated that hunters are vital for wildlife conservation efforts; by jeopardizing the next generation of hunters, AB 521 threatens the future of conservation efforts as well.
  4. If amended, AB 521 will do nothing more than squeeze California hunters for an additional 1.5 million dollars on top of the 26 million they already spend every year on tags and fees. If left unchanged, AB 521 will reduce costs for hunters while not significantly impacting dollars available for elk and deer management.

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