LISTEN: Just Guns Radio 1-9-17

Today on Just Guns Radio Show, info on California DOJ regarding high capacity magazine regulations, and their release on “assault weapons” from Dec 29th and the giant mess it is!

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  1. (1) Please confirm that replacing a collapsible buttstock and the pistol grip on a serial numbered AR-15 (purchased last year through a FFL dealer) with a featureless buttstock, like those available through AX Tactical(, will allow the rifle to be equipped with the original magazine release? (Meaning I can toss the Bullet Button). This is assuming there are no other features on the rifle that would cause it to be classified as an assault rifle.
    (2) How will the new laws signed by Gov. Brown affect un-serial numbered AR-15’s built up from 80% lowers? (I realize I am only allowed to use 10 round magazines)
    (3) I was listening to you’re pre-recorded 01/09/2017 ‘Just Guns’ talk show, and I thought I heard someone say that the new law states that we are only allowed to possess magazines that can hold less than 10 rounds. All my magazines were sold as 10 round magazines and I’m pretty sure they all will hold up to 10 rounds. Are they coming out with new magazines that will only hold 9 rounds?
    (4) What are the Federal and CA. state requirements for me to give my son my featureless .223 cal. semi-auto rifles. Both the serial numbered one and the un-serialized one I built from an 80% lower receiver?

  2. If it is not legal for DOJ to confiscate magazines without compensating the owner, how is it possible for them to force us to reclassify our previously legal rifles, not be able to sell, transfer, or will them to our heirs, and allow the state to confiscate them upon our death without compensating us? I bought many of these rifles to “park cash”, so that I could sell them during my retirement.

  3. Is there any doubt that politicians love unarmed peasants? Sorry to report that the Democrats are Progressives, Socialists and Communists, in short, DPSCs, who can reach their ultimate goal of the Total State (as in 1984) only by disarming AND making criminals of all those who defy these unconstitutional regulations.

    Here’s my question: If the criminal states discovers you have firearms and comes to take them with or without probable cause/warrant, what will you do?

  4. Gentlemen.
    If not addressed during this show, can Mr. Michel discus the new regulations in regards to the categorization of an assault weapon, magazine capacities, registration, and bullet buttons, in regards to the new requirements for these rifles: M-1, M-1 Carbine, M-14, and, the AR as well?

  5. Listened to today’s show, and although yes, Cali has insane gun laws, you should actually mention New York, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington. These are states that are quickly becoming as bad, if not worse than California. The disease, as it were, is spreading.

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