Legislative Alert: AB 521 May Be Finished, But We Will Not Stop Fighting For Affordable Hunting

On, August 21, 2017, Assemblyman Frazier withdrew AB 521 from the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water. The bill was intended to reduce the cost of elk hunting and increase youth participation in this highly coveted part of our state’s hunting tradition. Unfortunately, after failing to pass out of committee due to Democratic committee chairman Hertzberg’s recommended no vote, the bill was withdrawn.

AB 521 would have reduced the cost of elk tags from $445 to $100 and created a $20 apprentice tag for youth hunters. For now, elk tags will remain at their current rate. With this outrageous tag fee, many Californians are just not able to afford this highly coveted opportunity, and their children are prohibited from participating in an essential part of our state’s hunting heritage.

California does have some excellent apprentice hunts… sadly, not all Californians can afford them.

Despite this setback, the CRPA would like to thank Senators Stone, Atkins, and Vidak for their support of affordable hunting and California youth hunters. Though AB 521 is finished, today’s setback is not the end. AB 521 was a reasonable bill, evidenced by the fact that it sailed through the assembly with bi-partisan support, 67-4. CRPA will continue to fight for affordable hunting in our state; we plan to introduce new legislation in the coming session. Thank you for all of your support and for helping CRPA fight for hunting rights in California.

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