Help Stop AB 424

Your Local Superintendent Says You Can Carry, But Sacramento Thinks They Know Better…

AB 424, which will strip your local school superintendent or those with equivalent authority of their right to give written authority for an individual to possess a firearm within a school zone, is the California State Senate floor and available for vote. It is urgent that you contact your Senator today and tell them to oppose this attack on the ability of parents, teachers, and other school officials to protect themselves, their families, and the school at-large.

AB 424 will make schools less safe and remove the choice of local officials to determine what is best for their constituents. SB 707, which originally gave power to school superintendents to decide whether or not individuals could lawfully carry on campus, passed in 2015. With AB 424, Sacramento is attempting to take away the option to carry, even if the local superintendent believes that self-protection on campus is an essential part of school safety; Sacramento thinks it knows better.

In the past few years, CRPA has been hard at work convincing school superintendents or those with equivalent authority to allow on-campus carry. Unfortunately, if AB 424 passes, this and other successes of CRPA will be undone.

To help keep this from happening, take action today by contacting your Senator! You can find your Senator by clicking here. Thank you for fighting with CRPA to preserve and expand your Second Amendment rights in California.


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