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CRPA, NRA, their members and like-minded Second Amendment advocates want to do more to push back against ill-conceived and harassing gun control laws and politicians pushing their statist self-serving political agenda. So CRPA and NRA are delivering an enhanced and more optimized structure to show support for those state and local candidates and elected politicians who stand up for your constitutional rights, and for opposing those who don’t.

CPRA has been fighting for your rights in California for over 140 years. CRPA has worked together with NRA on behalf of California gun owners at the state and local level in California for decades. CRPA already has the relationships, office and field facilities, operational infrastructure and full-time staff to hit the ground running with increased local efforts and coalition building. Only CRPA and NRA can avoid the expensive and time-consuming administrative infrastructure-building efforts that fledgling groups must overcome. So CRPA’s funding and resources go directly to fighting for your rights in California.

As technology and communication platforms have constantly and rapidly evolved, opportunities to use these new tools to be more effective in state and local politics have increased. To take advantage of these new opportunities, CRPA has invested in these new technologies and is using them, along with local human resources, to change the local landscape to benefit gun owners and the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA) across the California.

Toward that end, CRPA is improving and enhancing CRPA and NRA’s existing grassroots networks, and getting more involved in more local campaigns and elections, sponsoring more events, and weighing in on more local issues relevant for owners. CRPA has made a substantial investment in grassroots coordinating and local election messaging technologies, and added staff to manage local activists and events.

Now CRPA is actively recruiting more grassroots volunteers and leaders across the state to help California gun owners become more of a presence and influence at both the state and the local level.
Help us help you by joining CRPA’s effort in your area throught the CRPA Grassroots Outreach Program (CRPA GO). CRPA’s tremendous growth and support from members and like-minded organization during this past election cycle has made it possible for CRPA to expand the CRPA GO project.

The CRPA GO project needs individuals, as well as existing local RKBA groups, clubs, ranges, and FFLs to be a part of the CRPA CLGO partnership in your county. Groups maintain their independence, but being a part of the CRPA GO will give you access through CRPA and NRA to:

  1. Real time legislative information from our legislative advocates in the Capital
  2. Streamlined access to NRA services and programs through NRA headquarters
  3. Access to CRPA and NRA’s campaign finance and PAC lawyers who fight for local FFLs and ranges in your area, oppose local gun ordinances, and file lawsuits
  4. Access to CRPA and NRA’s campaign finance and PAC lawyers for local elections, and lots more.
  5. Regular communication amongst coalition partners and insight to other local groups to learn from each other and build a stronger network of activists.
  6. Assistance from CRPA and NRA public relations professionals for working with local media

To help with the CRPA GO program, CRPA is looking for a few good men and women to be the voices for the right to keep and bear arms in local communities. We need volunteers to work with CRPA in the following positions: County Leader, Media Liaison, Government Liaison (ie: candidate development and following local issues and ordinances), Retail/Ranges Liaison, Volunteers and Events Liaison, Voter Registration/Initiatives Liaison, and CCW Liaison. Some of these roles are being performed in counties by existing volunteers, but we still need people interested in leading and joining these efforts in each and every county across the state.

The CRPA GO members and partners in each county will help coordinate their local efforts with the CRPA state-wide efforts to make an impact from the smallest local offices all the way to state capital.

Together we can turn the tide of harmful laws and anti-Constitution public officials – but WE NEED YOU! If you are interested in joining the fight with CRPA to take back our state, send an email to [email protected] and include the following information:

-Phone Number
-County or counties interested in volunteering in
-Skills that you can offer to your local coalition of gun owners
-Anything else that you would like us to know about you and how you can be involved

Don’t forget to visit our local gun owner Facebook pages to keep up on the latest information and events in your area!
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What is the CRPA Grassroots Outreach Program?



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