The Fight in Sacramento is Underway!

The legislature is in full swing and we are finally starting to see just some of what we will be up against in 2017. Currently, the exact details of each piece of legislation is still being developed but once we have that information, we will update you immediately. The most up-to-date list of legislation that we will be following in 2017 can be found below:


AB 264 (Low) Protective Orders on any crimes as opposed to specific crimes. Could impact gun rights.

AB 424 (McCarty) Removes school superintendent ability to authorize a person to carry a firearm on school grounds.

AB 521 (Frazier) Elk Tags.

AB 757 (Melendez) Shall issue; redefines good cause for CCW permit issuance.

AB 986 (Gallagher) Hunting fees; reduced fees for veterans.

AB 1525 (Baker) Firearm warnings.


SB 464 (Hill) Storage of firearms at dealers, additional requirements.

SB 497 (Portantino) Limits firearms purchases to one gun every 30 days.

SB 710 (Anderson) Suppressors for hunting.

SB 785 (Wiener) Commerce in arms; liability for gun manufacturers.

As you can tell, we have a wide variety of issues that we will be facing this year ranging from taking away school district superintendents’¬†ability to allow on-campus carry to various impacts on hunting that are both good and bad.

There is also still time for other bills to be submitted and we will alert you with an updated list once it is available.

In addition, we will be releasing our official CRPA positions on each proposed piece of legislation shortly and will also make that list available immediately.

To sign up for legislative alerts that will allow you to receive the most current information on the battle in Sacramento, click here.

Thank you for standing with CRPA as we continue the fight in Sacramento to restore liberty to the Golden State. To stay informed on the many other endeavors that CRPA is involved in, please visit


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