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Show Me the Man and I'll Show You the Crime
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Bigotry in the San Bernardino County Medical Society
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Programs Report
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Pistols at Dawn: The Duel
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APEX Predator
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New Zealand Adventure
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The NRA is Doing Plenty in California
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Special Message: Vote Yes
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CA Catches Up: Why Things Got Better
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Spinning Your Rights Away
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Game Warden Search Authority: Fact or Fiction
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Camp Perry 2016: CA Grizzlies Juniors Break More National Records
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Clinton's tired old gun-control spiel gets no better with age
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Chuck Michel: CA Enact Draconian Gun Control Laws
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Donald Trump Jr. Talks Second Amendment
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Fact vs Fiction: Does Gun Control Really Increase Community Safety?
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The "Ammo Police" is not the answer to criminal use of Firearms
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Why Newsoms Initiative is Nonsense
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Apex Predator
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Damned Statistics - Auditing Australia
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Gun Violence Restraining Orders, Unrestrained
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J.P. Clabrough A Gunmaker in San Francisco & Birmingham
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2016 State Service Rifle Championship
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WWII Vets Reconnect
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Terrorism and Gun Control
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The Big Debate Over the Sledgehammer or the Tack Hammer
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2016 CA State International Airpistol Champs
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The Anti-Civil Rights Movement
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FAQ: How Should I Transport My Guns?
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The Peruta Opinion
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