CRPA Testifies in Support of Fish & Game Commissioners

On March 15th, CRPA proudly testified in front of the Senate Rules Committee to support the confirmation of Fish & Game Commissioners Eric Sklar, Russell Burns and Peter Silva.

Russell Burns, who is replacing Commissioner Jim Kellog, will be an excellent addition to the Commission, as he himself is a hunter and conservationist. We can expect to see great things out of him going forward.

These commissioners will play a critical part in CRPA’s endeavors as many issues that we are involved in go before the Commission.

While we may not always receive the outcome that we strive for when dealing with the Commission, we appreciate President Eric Sklar’s facilitation of a transparent and fair process.

As CRPA continues its mission to preserve the Second Amendment, which includes representing hunters and conservationists, we are eager to work with the commissioners to implement common sense policies.  This also includes holding the commissioners accountable if actions are taken that hinder those that CRPA represents.

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