The CRPA Election Guide Has Arrived!

CRPA’s official 2016 Primary Election Guide is now available! Please reference this guide for highly recommended and thoroughly vetted candidates that will best represent our values as gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment. You will also note those candidates that do not support the Second Amendment or failed to respond.The list of recommended candidates can be found here.


To receive a high rating by CRPA, candidates must show ample dedication to preserving your Second Amendment rights and also, unreserved commitment to expanding upon your ability to carry a firearm as a responsible gun owner.

Every election, our right to choose to own a gun for sport or protection is at risk, this election cycle more than ever, the attacks have become more apparent. As gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, we must stand together and exercise our right to vote and ensure that our liberties and constitutional rights are preserved for generations to come. If you are not registered to vote, click here. You may also now request a vote-by-mail ballot and have until May 31st to do so. You can request your vote-by-mail ballot here.

We appreciate your support and partnership with the CRPA in its endeavors. Please help us in this fight by donating to the CRPA efforts today by clicking here.

7 responses to “The CRPA Election Guide Has Arrived!

  1. This guide was completely useless to me. No one that you list is on my ballot (Republican Ballot) except for State Senator district 38. Outside of this, completely a waste of my time to look at it.

  2. I found it just fine!
    I could use a list of judges as well but as I remember I find that on another site.

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