Recap On Senate Vote!

Today, the California State Senate again decided that protecting criminals is more important than defending your Second Amendment rights. The good news is, they have not yet become law! Ten out of the eleven bills that were approved today will take us one step closer to losing our ability to protect ourselves and our families. Many of … Continued

Take Action Now!

Today, the California State Senate Appropriations Committee approved various pieces of anti-firearm legislation that will severely limit your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The reasoning behind these pieces of legislation is to beat Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom to the punch, in his push for stricter gun control throughout California. What we are seeing is a … Continued

DOJ Launches Online Firearm Ownership Reporting System 

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) recently launched the California Reporting Information System (CRIS). CRIS is a web-based application that allows gun owners to report their firearm related transactions to the DOJ. The DOJ touts that this system is a step toward streamlining processes to save gun owners time by reporting firearm transactions online instead … Continued

The CRPA Election Guide Has Arrived!

CRPA’s official 2016 Primary Election Guide is now available! Please reference this guide for highly recommended and thoroughly vetted candidates that will best represent our values as gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment. You will also note those candidates that do not support the Second Amendment or failed to respond.The list of recommended candidates can … Continued


UPDATE: AB 2510 has passed out of the Assembly with a 74-0 vote. This bill, which is supported by the CRPA, NRA, GOC and law enforcement groups is a positive step towards reaching CCW licensure uniformity throughout California! CRPA Continues To Stand In Support Of Local Law Enforcement And AB 2510 On Wednesday of last week, … Continued

UPDATE: “Safety For All” Hearing

Today the California Rifle & Pistol Association, National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of California, and other members of the Coalition for Civil Liberties offered testimony about the many problems with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s “Safety for All” initiative, that will limit your Second Amendment rights, in a joint Assembly and Senate committee hearing held in Sacramento. The … Continued

LISTEN: Just Guns Radio 5-02-2016

Today on Just Guns Radio, new push from Obama admin requiring use of smart gun tech on handguns, starting with law enforcement. Also, Gavin Newsom turning in his 600,000 signatures for his anti-2nd Amendment initiative, while Coalition of Civil Liberties tries to stop Newsom’s Safety For All Act.

Help Us Build California Campaign Machine 2.0

June & November-Carpe Electionum  No Gun Vote Left Behind If you or your family & friends have not voted, please do! The stakes are too high to stay home! The June primary election is coming fast and the November election is right behind it. Thanks to new voter registration technologies and permanent vote by mail … Continued

The Battle is On

  Greetings, As your new CRPA Legislative Liaison I am very proud to be taking up this battle and representing the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) at the capital.  I would have thought 32 years in law enforcement would have prepared me; but, I was naïve and had no idea how convoluted things are! We have … Continued

LISTEN: Just Guns Radio 4/25/16

On today’s show, a recap on what has happened to the firearms industry under President Obama, Chelsea Clinton’s statement, “Now that Scalia is out of the way, my mom is coming after your guns!” and the shut down of AB 2459!