Three Bills Move On

On March 21st, the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees approved two different bills that will hinder the Second Amendment in California while the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee approved a bill that will give back to California’s veterans. On a party line vote the Assembly Public Safety Committee approved AB 7, which will … Continued

Take Action Now!

On Tuesday March 21st, we will yet again see a flurry of Second Amendment related bills brought up in their respective committees. In the Assembly Public Safety Committee, AB 7 will be brought up for discussion. AB 7 will further burden law-abiding Californians by expanding the restrictions on open carry of an unloaded firearm in a public place … Continued

The Fight in Sacramento is Underway!

The legislature is in full swing and we are finally starting to see just some of what we will be up against in 2017. Currently, the exact details of each piece of legislation is still being developed but once we have that information, we will update you immediately. The most up-to-date list of legislation that … Continued

Sacramento is Open for Business

Today, the Senate and Assembly will reconvene for the 2017 legislative year. With the legislature returning to Sacramento, our freedoms are once again at risk. This legislative session, we are sure to see an assault on the Second Amendment that has never been seen before, even more extreme than what we saw in 2016. With … Continued

The Battle Begins In Sacramento

At noon today the Senate and Assembly will convene to swear in new members and members who have won reelection. There will be nine senate members being sworn in and all 80-assembly members, with 22 new faces joining the ranks. There was quite the turnover this past election. With these new faces have come new … Continued

Del Mar Fairgrounds Board of Directors to Debate Future of Gun Shows

On November 15, the Board of Directors for the 22nd District Agricultural Association, which controls the day-to-day operations of the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego County, will hold an open discussion on the use of the fairgrounds by gun shows. The discussion is a direct result of a request from a handful of anti-gun … Continued

NRA & CRPA Submit Joint Opposition Letter Opposing Proposed Palm Springs Mandatory Theft/Loss Reporting & Locked-Storage Requirements

As reported last week, the Palm Springs City Council will consider a proposed firearms ordinance that requires the reporting of lost or stolen firearms, the locked-storage of firearms in the home, and the locked-storage of all handguns and ammunition when kept within a vehicle. In response, the NRA and CRPA submitted a joint opposition letter opposing … Continued

BREAKING! Legislature Passes Measure to Hike CCW Fees! Headed to Governor’s Desk!

Earlier today, the legislature once again decided that the safety of law-abiding citizens is less important than the well-being of criminals. With the passage of AB 450, CCW fees will potentially sky rocket throughout California! For further explanation on AB 450, please see below: AB 450 – (McCarty): AB 450 clarifies current law regarding concealed weapon permits … Continued