Take Action Now! Stop AB 7!

Today, the State Assembly took another drastic and irresponsible step to limit your Second Amendment rights by passing AB 7 (Gipson – D). AB 7 would prohibit the open carry of an unloaded long gun in a public place or street within an unincorporated portion of a county. It is critical that we stop this … Continued


Two Anti-Freedom Bills Move On

SB 497 Moves Forward On April 18, in the Senate Public Safety Committee, SB 497 ( Portantino – D) passed on a party-line vote. SB 497, if it becomes law, would extend the one handgun a month limit to ALL firearms. In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill stating that “Given California’s stringent … Continued


Take Action: Stop SB 464 & SB 497!

SB 464 (Hill), which aims to place even more burdensome and meaningless regulations on licensed firearm dealers in California, will be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee on April 17. SB 464 is unnecessary as licensed firearm dealers already must adhere to strict safety regulations and all the bill will result in is higher costs … Continued


AB 757 Struck Down While AB 521 Moves On

Today, the Assembly Public Safety Committee struck down AB 757, which would have made California a “shall issue” state, leaving law-abiding Californians in certain counties to deal with an over burdensome process when attempting to acquire a CCW permit. CRPA applauds Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez for her efforts to allow all Californians to protect themselves and … Continued


Take Action: Support AB 757 & AB 521!

AB 757, which could make California a “shall issue” state, will be heard before the Assembly Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, April 4th. The hearing will take place in Room 126 at 9 AM in the State Capitol. It is critical that you contact the Public Safety Committee and urge the members of the Public Safety Committee to support this … Continued


Take Action: Support AB 757 Today!

Next week, on Tuesday, April 4, the Assembly Public Safety Committee will be discussing AB 757. It is critical that you contact the members of the committee and tell them that they must approve this bill! If passed and signed into law, AB 757 would define “good cause” for purposes such as self-defense, defending the … Continued


Three Bills Move On

On March 21st, the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees approved two different bills that will hinder the Second Amendment in California while the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee approved a bill that will give back to California’s veterans. On a party line vote the Assembly Public Safety Committee approved AB 7, which will … Continued


Take Action Now!

On Tuesday March 21st, we will yet again see a flurry of Second Amendment related bills brought up in their respective committees. In the Assembly Public Safety Committee, AB 7 will be brought up for discussion. AB 7 will further burden law-abiding Californians by expanding the restrictions on open carry of an unloaded firearm in a public place … Continued


The Fight in Sacramento is Underway!

The legislature is in full swing and we are finally starting to see just some of what we will be up against in 2017. Currently, the exact details of each piece of legislation is still being developed but once we have that information, we will update you immediately. The most up-to-date list of legislation that … Continued