Saturday, May 6, 2017       9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Redondo Information Technology Center 811 North Catalina Avenue, Suite 1018 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 OBJECTIVE California has some of the most confusing and complicated firearms laws in the nation. And now more laws are on the way!!! An attorney from the law firm of Michel & … Continued

Peruta Update

Last Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) met in conference to discuss the CRPA and NRA Peruta V. San Diego case. This morning, SCOTUS released their orders list, but Peruta was not included. While being omitted from the orders list could mean a number of things, it is better than being on … Continued

Attention Fresno County Gun Owners

CRPA and NRA are ready to file an important lawsuit on behalf of all gun owners and Second Amendment supporters here in California. To ensure our lawsuit represents the interest of as many California gun owners as possible, we need individuals who are willing to serve as plaintiffs. We are looking for individual gun owners … Continued

BREAKING: CRPA and NRA File Lawsuit Challenging California’s “Assault Weapon” Ban!

Today, April 24, attorneys supported by CRPA and NRA filed the first of many critical lawsuits; the first step in restoring the full freedoms of the Second Amendment in California. This lawsuit challenges California’s newly expanded “Assault Weapon Control Act” (AWCA). The AWCA makes it illegal to manufacture, sell, transport, import or transfer hundreds of … Continued


On Wednesday, April 19, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the NRA and CRPA supported lawsuit, Bauer v. Becerra (formerly known as Bauer v. Harris). Filed in 2011, Bauer challenges California’s unconstitutional use of millions of dollars it has collected through overcharging law-abiding gun purchasers $19 for the cost the California … Continued

City of West Covina to Select New Police Chief 

City of West Covina to Hold Community Outreach Meeting for Selection of New Chief of Police On Tuesday, April 25, the City of West Covina will hold a special meeting to solicit input from residents and businesses regarding the recruitment of a new Chief of Police. The current Chief, David Faulkner, will be retiring later this year. The … Continued

Take Action Now! Stop AB 7!

Today, the State Assembly took another drastic and irresponsible step to limit your Second Amendment rights by passing AB 7 (Gipson – D). AB 7 would prohibit the open carry of an unloaded long gun in a public place or street within an unincorporated portion of a county. It is critical that we stop this … Continued

Two Anti-Freedom Bills Move On

SB 497 Moves Forward On April 18, in the Senate Public Safety Committee, SB 497 ( Portantino – D) passed on a party-line vote. SB 497, if it becomes law, would extend the one handgun a month limit to ALL firearms. In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill stating that “Given California’s stringent … Continued

Take Action: Stop SB 464 & SB 497!

SB 464 (Hill), which aims to place even more burdensome and meaningless regulations on licensed firearm dealers in California, will be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee on April 17. SB 464 is unnecessary as licensed firearm dealers already must adhere to strict safety regulations and all the bill will result in is higher costs … Continued

Gorsuch Confirmed

The Second Amendment scored a major victory today when the United States Senate, By a vote of 54 – 45, approved Neil Gorsuch as the newest Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.  After Gorsuch is sworn in on Monday, the Supreme Court will return to its full number of nine justices, with a … Continued