California Students Make History Come Alive At 4-H Championship Shoot

The National 4-H Western Heritage Conference and Championship Shoot was held August 1 – 3, 2017 in historic Fort Benton, Montana. The 4-H Western Heritage Project combines a comprehensive study of the Old West with the fastest growing shooting sports discipline in the world – western action shooting. The purpose of this project is to … Continued

AB 521 Talking Points Memo

AB 521 Talking Points: California has seen a steady decline in Hunters over the last 30 years. Hunters are a very important tool for wildlife managers in keeping wildlife populations in check with habitat. Hunters bring in millions of dollars each year to fund the Department of Fish and Wildlife. In 2016 hunting license sales … Continued

CRPA and NRA to Host Webinar on Approved “Assault Weapon” Regulations

On July 31, 2017, the Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”) officially approved DOJ’s proposed “bullet-button assault weapon” regulations. These regulations are now law, and they, among other things, govern how owners of certain “bullet-button assault weapons” are to register their firearms with DOJ by July 1, 2018. The OAL’s approval is surprising because these regulations … Continued

California Office of Administrative Law Approves DOJ’s Proposed “Assault Weapon” Regulations—Lawsuit Soon to be Filed

Today, the Office of Administrative Law officially approved DOJ’s proposed “bullet-button assault weapon” regulations. These regulations are a result of the enactment of Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135, both of which classify certain firearms required to be equipped with “bullet buttons” as “assault weapons” under California law. Pursuant to this change in the … Continued


Recently, without warning or any notification, the California Department of Justice submitted another set of proposed regulations for the registration of newly classified “assault weapons” to the Office of Administrative Law. As with their past two attempts, DOJ has once again listed these regulations as “File and Print Only,” meaning that members of the public … Continued

Join The Fight Against Assault Weapons Restrictions In The Courts

Attention California Gun Owners NRA and CRPA are still accepting additional plaintiffs to join the Rupp v. Becerra lawsuit challenging California’s “assault weapon” restrictions. Anyone in the state of California who currently owns a firearm now classified as an “assault weapon” pursuant to SB 880 and AB 1135 who is interested in being a plaintiff … Continued

DOJ Releases Proposed Regulations Regarding Ammunition Vendor Licensing

On Friday, July 14th, the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms (“DOJ”) claims to have released its anticipated proposed regulations for the issuance of ammunition vendor licenses to businesses who sell or transfer ammunition pursuant to Proposition 63. Under the Administrative Procedure Act, a government agency is required to provide notice to those who … Continued

Help Stop AB 424

Your Local Superintendent Says You Can Carry, But Sacramento Thinks They Know Better… AB 424, which will strip your local school superintendent or those with equivalent authority of their right to give written authority for an individual to possess a firearm within a school zone, is the California State Senate floor and available for vote. It … Continued

Affordable Hunting Under Fire, Help Us Protect It

Currently, the CRPA has a bill in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water that aims to reduce the cost of Elk hunting, and increase youth participation in this crucial part of our state’s hunting tradition. As it is written now, AB 521 will reduce the cost for an Elk tag from $445, to $100 … Continued