California DOJ Proposes Regulations on “Bullet-Button Assault Weapons”

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed proposed regulations on “Bullet Button Assault Weapons” with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL).

CRPA and NRA attorneys are currently reviewing the proposed regulations and will be providing a detailed analysis soon.

The regulations can be read here.

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One response to “California DOJ Proposes Regulations on “Bullet-Button Assault Weapons”

  1. So what now? The OAL decides to accepts the proposed regulations (or not) and/or makes what they feel are any necessary changes or clarifications? I’m not exactly sure how the process works. I believe I saw a page that the OAL must respond no later than 2/13/17, is that correct? Also, how will anyone know what products can be used to make a ‘assault weapon’ featureless? For example, what can replace the pistol grip,etc. (I am aware of what the ‘evil’ features are) or other products that force one to have to open the action up on an AR,etc? I also have AK’s, which would be different of course, since the action can’t be separated in the way an AR can. I have noticed that Atlantic Firearms is already selling AK’s with the kydex grip wrap on them to California. Are they ‘jumping the gun’ so to speak or are the grip wraps deemed a legal way to get around the ‘evil’ feature of a pistol grip due to not being able to wrap the thumb around the grip? I noticed in the language used by the DOJ regarding the pistol grip, they don’t explicitly mention the word ‘thumb’ but they seem to speak of it implicitly by stating in their definition, “…means a grip that allows for a pistol ‘style’ GRASP”. That seems to imply that as long as you can’t ‘grasp’ a pistol style grip like you can obviously on a grip of a pistol(as in getting your thumb wrapped around the grip) that a product like the grip wraps, that doesn’t allow the thumb to grasp around the original pistol grip, should be a viable and legal way around the definition of what constitutes a pistol grip? Hopefully so, because on most AK’s, that would be all that is needed since most of them already have a fixed stock, muzzle break,etc. Hope to hear from you soon. I bought your 4th Edition book on California Gun Laws by the way, and it an awesome resource. Thanks for all y’all do for California(sorry, many relatives in Oklahoma. :P). Very much appreciated. Proud to be a member of the CRPA, the NRA, FPC and Gun Owners of America. I am doing my best to get other gun owners to join such invaluable gun groups that are working hard for us gun-owners in Cali and to be more pro-active. I want the ‘old’ California I used to know and love.(I am nearly 52, born and raised in Modesto, CA.)Thank you for all you do, Mike.

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